The moon
also illuminates
the flower thieves.

The fonts used in this tester are subset and don’t represent the full character repertoire and OpenType features.

A classic & modern chancery cursive

Borges Poema, the ultimate addition to the Borges type family, is a contemporary chancery that can be useful when seeking a delicate atmosphere. It can build a very dignified text, with a generous leading, but it will show its charm if used at short texts, headings and titlings, invitation cards and other pieces where elegance is a priority.

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Borges Poema

Designed by Alejandro Lo Celso.

© 2004

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    Basic Latin

    Borges Poema

    Features & Specials

    modern chancery style

    Basic Latin

    standard ligatures

    elegant oldstyle figures

    basic monetaries

    standard editorial glyphs

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    Borges Poema
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