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Margarita by Alejandro Lo Celso

Our display family Margarita has been seriously extended. Now it is able to speak more than 200 languages, it includes additional ligatures and alternate glyphs, and the OT features have been remapped for better use.

Chercán by Francisco Gálvez  |  Add to Cart  |  Test

Amster by Francisco Gálvez  |  Add to Cart  |  Test

Amster Versal Iluminada by Francisco Gálvez  |  Add to Cart  |  Test

Berenjena by Javier Quintana  |  Add to Cart  |  Test

Perec by Alejandro Lo Celso  |  Add to Cart  |  Test

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Latest addition in the Scriptorium

Rhythm in Type Design

by Alejandro Lo Celso

This essay was the original dissertation I wrote for the MA in Typeface Design at the University of Reading, UK, 2000. Since then it has met some popularity. It was slightly adjusted years later for its publication under TypeCulture.com and also under lpdme.org. Of course some references may feel out of date by now. However I believe its ideas and insights are mostly perennial.

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